Dearly beloved…I miss you dreadfully!

There are literally millions of products out there in the beauty galaxy. But do you ever wax nostalgic about the ones that got away? I have several that I miss dreadfully, all for various reasons – melancholy feelings, Christmas morning memories, beautiful scents and soft skin, 90’s pop stars. Here are five products that tug at my heartstrings, proving that yes, even Darths have a heart!

Touch Me and Try To Leave Me Cream by Benefit

This is NOT the revamped Bathina version (that has also been discontinued). This was the original formulation in a white jar with pink lettering. At the time it was $24 which was quite pricey back then but oh-so worth it. Beautifully soft scented, extravagantly rich, a little went a long way. When Benefit changed it with the introduction of the Bathina line, I was heartbroken. It was not the same cream at all. I touched it, but unfortunately I left.

Aroma Calm by LancômeAroma_Calm

I can still see the extraordinary purple glass bottle that this fragrance came in. When I started buying it in 2000, it was (gasp!) $50. When I think really hard, I can still smell the floral, musky scent:  rose, but not your Great Aunt Ethel’s kind of rose. You can find fake reproductions on Amazon but they are over $100 and not the same at all. When my Lancôme BA found out it was being discontinued, she called me and said she hid the last two bottles at the counter for me. A sad day indeed.

1006Ten-O-Six Lotion by Bonne Bell

If you were a teenager growing up in the late 70’s or early 80’s you got a Ten-O-Six gift pack for Christmas. The centerpiece was this brown, softly scented, deep-cleaning lotion for your pores. We used this before we were introduced to Sea Breeze. It had me dreaming of blemish-free skin like the models in Seventeen magazine. If my memory serves me correct, you got the lotion, a lip smacker, a shower gel, moisturizer and I believe a bar of soap that looked like present day Neutrogena. It wasn’t Christmas morning until I unwrapped this gift set!

electric youthElectric Youth Lip Gloss by Revlon

Yep, Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth. I wasn’t a fan of the fragrance but I loved her and the peach shade of lip gloss that launched at the same time. It had a great applicator, came in a totally rad neon green and pink tube and my hair stuck to it every time I wore it. I didn’t even have to be outside for it to get all over my hair. It was thick, goopey and I looked fantastic wearing it while shopping at the County Seat drinking an Orange Julius. Funny side bar here…  I saw “Deborah” Gibson in concert years ago. Someone in the audience yelled “We love you Tiffany!!!” She never missed a foolish beat and started singing Only in My Dreams.


tinkTinkerbell Cosmetics

Ok, this is all melancholy for me right now. One of my earliest, most vivid memories of getting beauty products for Christmas was this boxed sets of Tinkerbell goodies. The watery, pink hand lotion that smelled just like baby powder. The pink peel off nail polish, waxy lipstick, and perfume that was all alcohol. And in the most fantastic plastic pink and yellow bottles! When I turned 10, I was allowed to graduate to Love’s Baby Soft and I never looked back. The Dark Side was slowly beginning to evolve.

Ah, now I’m feeling all sappy. I need to go put on my Andy Gibb records, read the latest Shaun Cassidy gossip in Tiger Beat magazine while eating a Jell-O pudding pop and drinking a Tab. But don’t tell anyone or else I’ll have to use my lightsaber on you!

Silicone Beauty Sponge

As Diva of the Dark Side, it is my duty to inform you of THE most worthless beauty product that I have fallen for and completely regret. It looked so interesting that I had to go for it. You’ve seen these jelly-type beauty sponges out on the market, touted as the new “be all, end all” sponge for us beauty junkies. This beauty enthusiast couldn’t wait to get it and try it. Got it and tried it. WTF!!! I’m not going to waste a lot of our time on this horrible contraption. It’s a clear, jelly-like silicone sponge that is flat on both sides. Maybe it was my older, textured skin, fine lines, and/or large pores. I don’t know, but all this sponge did was smear my foundations (various brands and finishes) around and not blend at all. No matter what I did, it was an utter disaster. Instead of creating a flawless finish, it created a huge mess and my face looked hideous. It’s supposed to help you use less foundation but that’s a crap sponge

This does not and will not get the Dark Side Diva seal of approval. As much as I love trying out new beauty goodies, pass on this DS Devotees! I’ll stick to my beauty blenders, foundation brushes and even dollar store triangle sponges. Young, unblemished skin may have better luck with this sponge, but it will never have a place in my galaxy.

A universal dud!

June Product of the Month

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation and Brush

IT products real


Retails for: $35 (brush additional)

Available at:

A dear friend of mine recently gifted me with IT Cosmetic’s Celebration Foundation. I absolutely love other products I’ve tried from this line, but I’ve never tried this. It’s a powder foundation in a compact that claims to be full coverage, talc free, absorbs oils and lasts all day without settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it has a SPF of 50 and came with the most intriguing looking blending brush. I couldn’t wait to try this out!

PROS – Surprisingly enough, the shade my friend gave me was medium and it worked beautifully with my very fair skin. You couldn’t tell I was wearing a much deeper shade than I normally wear. It blends wonderfully, covered all my redness, imperfections and—most importantly – did not exaggerate my pores. It also stayed fresh for at least 8 hours. I have even worn it over a lighter serum foundation and BB cream as a setting powder and it didn’t look cakey or over powdered.

CONS – none that I can think of.

OMGosh, I LOVE this foundation! I’m most certainly adding the Celebration Foundation to the list of IT Cosmetic goodies that have found a place in this part of my galaxy!

Beauty Q & A

CamiCami would like to know how long her makeup should last or should she expect to touch up her gorgeous face throughout the day?

Quite honestly, I check my face and touch up my make up several times a day. You can call me vain or paranoid, but factors like weather conditions, the type of skincare and cosmetics you use that day, and unexpected personal issues will play a part in how well your face stays put. Oil-free moisturizers, primers, long-wearing matte foundations and lipsticks, along with a makeup setting spray all help me out tremendously. p263504-av-01-LheroUrban Decay’s All Nighter makeup setting spray is like having an invisible force field on your face. If you have oily or combination skin, I suggest carrying a powder compact or oil blotting papers with you. They take away the shine but leave your makeup intact. I’ve been using and loving LipSense lip products lately.  Apply it on properly and you can eat, drink, talk, and kiss all day and the color doesn’t budge! See my previous post for a more detailed look at my LipSense experience.

THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted a beauty question to the Dark Side Diva.  Keep sending your comments, complaints, criticisms, and conundrums — the beauty universe is infinite and a long way to go we have!6727172

My Time with LipSense

Recently I was contacted by the daughter of a friend who I went to school with. She kindly asked me if I was interested in trying a brand of cosmetics called LipSense by SeneGence, in particular a 3-piece lip set. Too be honest, I have seen this brand all over social media and wondered if it was a bit too gimmicky. Lip color and gloss that lasts all day? Come on, we all remember the dreadful Revlon Colorstay lip products that were the first of their kind and started a revolution. But being the makeup addict that I am, of course I said yes!

I met with Abigail, who explained the proper procedure for applying the product. I chose the gorgeous shade called Napa, a kind of berry color that I wanted for spring and summer but is definitely wearable all year long. The kit comes with the lip color, lip gloss and the Oops Remover. Starting at the top of your lips and keeping your mouth completely wide open, apply 3 coats of the lip color to clean, dry lips. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next. I should have paid extra attention to that because on my first try, I closed my mouth too early and my lips stuck together. Nothing major, but I learned my lesson, lol! After the third coat dries, apply the gloss. The following are my honest thoughts. I did receive this as a gift, but all opinions are my own and 100% unbiased.

So I kinda cheated after I got home from my meeting with Abigail. I already had my face on for the day, but I decided to apply the Napa on my hand. The same way it was explained to me. Just a little circle of it with some gloss. That circle never budged through hand washing, dishes and laundry, sleeping and holding a baby. I know hands and lips are entirely different body parts, but I was impressed! It lasted two days before I removed it! This beauty blogger will go to extremes to review a product for you 🙂

The next day I tried it on my lips for the first time. I should have done two things differently, but it had nothing to do with the product, just my first time using it. As I already mentioned, I needed to keep my mouth open wider and the entire time, as it did get sticky on me. I also should have moved quicker, as it dried faster than I anticipated. I was so concerned with getting it even that I let it get “patchy” in some places. But I applied the other two coats, then the gloss and went on with my day. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I ate, drank, talked, kissed nieces, nephews, and cats and it never moved. In the 10+ hours I wore it that first day I think I put the gloss on two or three times. The color never transferred from my lips onto the lip gloss applicator, which I thought was amazing.

lipsense napa

Napa the perfect shade for Summer!

I’ve used Napa about four more times since then and, now that I know how to properly apply it, I absolutely love it! Abigail told me that I might experience a slight tingling sensation, but if you’ve used any Buxom, GlamGlow, or Too Faced Lip Injection products, this won’t bother you at all. It was a non-issue for me, but be aware that you may experience it. I’ve worn this color for anywhere from 8-13 hours a day and I’ve only had to reapply the gloss. I’ve gone for walks in the humid Western Pennsylvania weather, taken naps and just lived my life and it still stays beautiful. You most certainly need the Oops Remover to take it off. For research purposes I tried various makeup removers but it was a waste of time. Only trust the Oops!

The only negative thing I have to report about LipSense lip gloss is that I can’t wear it two days in a row.  Because of the alcohol content, it’s just too drying on my lips.  Otherwise, it’s a fabulous product that lives up to its promise!

SeneGence has more than just the 3-piece lip kit I was lucky enough to receive. They have an entire line of skin care and cosmetics. I cannot wait to try more of the line, especially the foundation and cream eye shadows. I’m up for any long lasting product. I definitely recommend LipSense! It is truly unlike any other lipstick, gloss, stain, or color product I have ever used. It may take you a few tries to get the hang of it and you may experience that tingling sensation, but you will never have to worry about your lip color disappearing on you. Just keep the gloss on you at all times. I forgot to mention there are different gloss formulations too! The 3-piece Lip Collection is $55 but all products can be bought separately.

Check out Abigail’s Facebook page “Abigail’s Alluring Lips” for pictures, testimonials, and special offers. You’ll get to see beautiful faces wearing the lip and other color products in the line. If you have any trouble finding her FB page, please contact me and I’ll get you in contact with her! She can help you with products, colors, or even if you are interested in becoming an Independent Distributor. Just tell her that Lisa aka “DarthLisa” sent you.


Abigail Rieder

PS….I am not sponsored in any way by LipSence and do not receive any kickbacks, products or commissions. I’m just interested in seeing if this blog helps her out in any way!

Abigail Rieder, Independent Distributor for LipSense

Instagram @abigailsalluringlips