Water Water Everywhere

The fairly new kid on the block in the skin cleansing family is micellar water. By now you’ve probably seen them in every major women’s magazine, on drugstore shelves, and at the department store beauty counter. Without getting too technical, micelle molecules cluster together to make an all-in-one facial cleanser. It looks and feels like water, yet it gently removes waterproof and long-wearing face, lip, and eye makeup. They are safe for sensitive skin and, best of all, no rinsing is needed.
I decided to try a prestige brand and two drug store brands. I used these products as the first step in my cleansing routine as makeup remover with cotton pads.
First up was Lancome’s Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Water. It retails for $39 and, if you’re the type that adores beautiful bottles sitting on your vanity, you’ll love this! It has a light, pleasing scent, is oil-free and non irritating. It removed about 95% of my makeup, as it did not remove all my waterproof mascara. But my face was soft, smooth and not red. A definite win for me.
When I finished the bottle of Lancome, I decided to try what is probably the most familiar brand out there, Garnier’s All in One Micellar Cleansing Water. This product retails for $8.99 and compares surprisingly well with the Lancome. It is unscented, oil-free and non-irritating. It completely removed all my makeup, waterproof mascara included! Garnier also has mattifying and waterproof versions and recently have introduced travel sizes and towelettes to the line. Another win!
The third contestant in my micellar water challenge is from Wet n Wild, which retails for $4.99. All I can say is that this product is a complete disaster. It burned and irritated my eyes so badly and dried out my lips terribly. I wanted to give it a fair shake, so I used it again. Same horrible reactions. Unfortunately this is a never, ever again product for me.
Both the Lancome and Garnier Micellar Waters are wonderful products that work well but the Garnier wins this battle. With a beauty budget-friendly price and the power to vaporize waterproof mascara with a simple swipe, this product will remain in my arsenal on the Dark Side.


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