ColourPop Cosmetics

I’ll admit I jumped on the ColourPop train a little late. I had seen this line all over social media and got intrigued with the whole Kylie Jenner/ColourPop saga.  You know, the controversy about both lines being made by the same manufacturer but KJ’s was way more costly?  After seeing all the neat products launching and learning it is a cruelty free brand, I had to go for it!  I’ve placed 3 orders so far – eye shadows, highlighters, lip pencils, stix and liquid lip products.  Here’s the Dark Side down-low:

SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS These shadows are a creamy, powder formula.  I wasn’t impressed with them at all the first time I tried them.  They were weird and just didn’t “lay” right.  However, I’ve learned some tricks since then and my opinion has changed greatly.  Because the shadow has a “bouncy” texture, I have to apply it with either my fingers or a firm eyeshadow brush for the colors to really POP on me. It’s really the only way these work.  I can use a fluffy, blending brush to smoke out the colors in my crease or to soften the color if I want.  I’ll even put some setting spray on my brush to make the colors more dramatic and easier to apply.  I have tried the ColourPop shadows in the following colors: Coconut, Lovely, So Quiche, Hammered, Bubbly, Sugar and Catnap.  They are gorgeous and last all day, but I always use an eye primer.  As with all ColourPop formulas, you absolutley MUST make sure that the lid is twisted on tight or the powder will dry up and get all funky.

SUPER SHOCK CHEEK HIGHLIGHTER I have one shade and I love it. It’s called Churro and it has the same creamy, powder formula.  I saw it on Instagram and knew I had to get it. It’s a beautiful, pale gold on me that I can build on without it being over the top.

LIPPIE PENCILS These are very long wearing, easy to apply, pigmented and, best of all, they do not feather. My only downside is that these pencils need sharpened and I hate wasting product!  My fav shades are Wet and BFF3.  Many of the ColourPop lip colors also have a coordinating Lippie Pencil.  So if you do not have the time to try and match products, they are right there on the website for you.

ULTRA MATTE LIP I only have one of these and unfortunately I do not love the color so I really can’t give a completely negative review on this.  The formula is creamy, lightweight, very long lasting yet comfortable.  However, the color Lychee looked horrendous on me.  I will usually try to give a bad color a second chance, which I did with an entirely different color scheme in makeup that day.  Nope.  I would absolutely give the Ultra Matte another try, but with different colors.

ULTRA SATIN LIP This formula isn’t as long lasting as the Ultra Matte, but it comes pretty darn close.  It’s creamier and comfortable, but it did a little disappearing act throughout the day.  Nothing major, I just needed to reapply it one time.  I have the quite a few of these, Mess Around, Magic Wand, Too Lips, Stud, Marshmallow, Bijou and Dopey.  For you makeup junkies, Marshmallow is almost an exact dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip in Clover. But the price difference is unbelievable.

LIPPIE STIX I have 3 of these in a matte, creme and pearlized version.  And I adore them!  Fun to apply, very creamy, and long lasting.  I would have dozens of these if I could.  And let’s face it, I probably will!  I have tried I Heart This, Wet, and the limited edition Hello Kitty shade Konichiwa.


The products I purchased were all between $4 – 8.  Shipping and handling is free with orders over $30, plus they have special promotions all the time where the S/H is free with any order.  I would consider ColourPop to be a very high-end drug store brand.  Not quite prestige, but a lot better than your standard drug store or Walmart brands.  The color ranges are out of this world, they have special collaborations and just all around fun products.  And the postcards they send with your orders are just something special they do to show that they go out of their way to make sure you enjoy their line.

Do I recommend ColourPop? Absolutely!  Will I be buying more in the near future? Absolutely!  Will I be satisfied with every product I receive?  Probably not, but I sure will have fun finding out!


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