Beauty Q & A

JDJennifer asked:  What is the proper way to contour your face?

Much to learn, you still have!  A couple of years ago I would have said that this was an unnecessary step, but now I see the major difference it has made on my own face. It all depends on your face shape. This chart is one that I have referenced for years now. I absolutely must contour the sides of my wide nose, my huge forehead (lovingly referred to as my “fivehead”) and underneath my very round cheeks.  Contouring is meant to create a shadow to diminish problem areas, where as highlighting brings areas into prominence. contour (1)

Is it a necessary step?  Not really, unless those areas cause you stress.  I’m partial to two products right now, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and the Wet n Wild Dulce De Leche Duo.  Both are cult classics, and all you need is a good contouring brush.  With a little bit of practice and good blending you’ll eventually get the hang of it!  And you’ll see what a world of difference it makes!  IMG_3021


Thank you Jennifer for submitting your question, may the force be with you!




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