beauty sponge

Silicone Beauty Sponge

As Diva of the Dark Side, it is my duty to inform you of THE most worthless beauty product that I have fallen for and completely regret. It looked so interesting that I had to go for it. You’ve seen these jelly-type beauty sponges out on the market, touted as the new “be all, end all” sponge for us beauty junkies. This beauty enthusiast couldn’t wait to get it and try it. Got it and tried it. WTF!!! I’m not going to waste a lot of our time on this horrible contraption. It’s a clear, jelly-like silicone sponge that is flat on both sides. Maybe it was my older, textured skin, fine lines, and/or large pores. I don’t know, but all this sponge did was smear my foundations (various brands and finishes) around and not blend at all. No matter what I did, it was an utter disaster. Instead of creating a flawless finish, it created a huge mess and my face looked hideous. It’s supposed to help you use less foundation but that’s a crap sponge

This does not and will not get the Dark Side Diva seal of approval. As much as I love trying out new beauty goodies, pass on this DS Devotees! I’ll stick to my beauty blenders, foundation brushes and even dollar store triangle sponges. Young, unblemished skin may have better luck with this sponge, but it will never have a place in my galaxy.

A universal dud!