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DS Odds & Ends

Just a quick post today to talk about three new products that may seem a little strange, but have become new favorites of mine!


Face Secrets Shade Switch Cosmetic Brush Shade Remover

A long name for a very cool tool! To be perfectly honest, I only clean my makeup brushes about once every two weeks. When I saw this odd looking black sponge thingy that switches shades I jumped at the chance and ordered it. Basically, when you’re ready for a new shade you just wipe the tip of your brush on the black sponge and it removes the color. I didn’t believe it until I used it for myself. A couple of swipes back and forth and my eyeshadow brush was ready for another color! The white sponge in the middle can be wet and used for wet eyeshadow applicators. A life and time saver that truly works. And it’s only $3.99!

Shiseido Facial Cotton

I’ll admit that $5 for 40 cotton pads had me scratching my head. But I took the advice of several Sephora cast members and purchased them anyway. These are an extremely soft, gentle way to to apply any liquid skin care product. They do not leave any fibers on your face like cotton balls and I feel that they make my products work more efficiently, especially my Clinique Clarifying Lotion. I only need one of cotton pad, instead of the two or three cotton balls, and my entire face is covered.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Anytime my skin is looking old, rough, tired or boring I reach for this. I use this luxurious feeling spray as a moisturizer and primer. For me it’s best on dry skin. It has a super fine sprayer, so I only need about 2 sprays for my face. It is also labeled as a setting spray, but I don’t like the way it sits on top of my makeup. The 12ml size is $20 and it will last me quite a while.

Three exciting, innovative products for under $30!! Beat that you can’t!!




Silicone Beauty Sponge

As Diva of the Dark Side, it is my duty to inform you of THE most worthless beauty product that I have fallen for and completely regret. It looked so interesting that I had to go for it. You’ve seen these jelly-type beauty sponges out on the market, touted as the new “be all, end all” sponge for us beauty junkies. This beauty enthusiast couldn’t wait to get it and try it. Got it and tried it. WTF!!! I’m not going to waste a lot of our time on this horrible contraption. It’s a clear, jelly-like silicone sponge that is flat on both sides. Maybe it was my older, textured skin, fine lines, and/or large pores. I don’t know, but all this sponge did was smear my foundations (various brands and finishes) around and not blend at all. No matter what I did, it was an utter disaster. Instead of creating a flawless finish, it created a huge mess and my face looked hideous. It’s supposed to help you use less foundation but that’s a crap sponge

This does not and will not get the Dark Side Diva seal of approval. As much as I love trying out new beauty goodies, pass on this DS Devotees! I’ll stick to my beauty blenders, foundation brushes and even dollar store triangle sponges. Young, unblemished skin may have better luck with this sponge, but it will never have a place in my galaxy.

A universal dud!