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What’s in the DS Diva’s Make Up Bag?

Because of my devotion (AKA obsession) with all things beauty, it’s no surprise that I’ve gotten several requests about what I carry in my makeup bag.   So never one to disappoint my fans, here is your exclusive peek at the ultimate items that I carry with me every day.

Between Ipsy bags, free gift with purchase bags and a couple of high end beauties, I have about 35+ makeup bags in my collection.  I tend to use a medium sized bag because, if I use a larger one I’ll just fill it with unnecessary items that I don’t use on an everyday basis.

Currently in my Clinique makeup bag:


whats in my bag

  1. Carmex lip balm. Chapped lips in any universe are never cool
  2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. An all-purpose, multiuse ointment that I use on my cuticles, crazed eyebrows, flyaway hair and dry skin.
  3. Sample size of fragrance. At the moment it’s CoCo Mademoiselle by Chanel. A lady always carries a classic fragrance in case garlic or a marathon run are involved on a date. Obviously a toothbrush/paste and Altoids are in a separate bag I carry with me.
  4. Cover Girl Clean Powder Foundation. In my Dark Side HOF I explained my love of this item. Broken bottles of foundation can ruin my bags and my day. This powder covers like a liquid but with the ease and convenience of a powder.
  5. Ipsy sized Bahama Mama Bronzer from The Balm. I use this as a bronzer, blush or eyeshadow. The size is a bit strange but it’s convenient and I like having a color product in my bag.
  6. Travel sized Moonstone Highlighter from Becca. It’s a beautiful shade on my fair skin that can also be used on my eyes and lips. Even a Darth wants to shine!
  7. Outlaw Liquid Lipstick from Kat Von D. I will always, always have a red lipstick in my bag. It’s the absolute easiest way to go from a day to night look in seconds.
  8. Champagne Lip gloss from Heroes Beauty. Another HOF product! By itself or layered over any color it’s absolutely perfect.
  9. Clinique or any travel sized free gift with purchase mascara that doesn’t smudge or give me pink eye.
  10. Eyeliner/eyebrow pencil from NYX. I adore combo products that actually do what they say and this one fits the bill. Not too creamy or waxy and it’s long-lasting.
  11. Bare Minerals Powder Brush. It’s the perfect size to apply bronzer, highlighter and powder foundation.

I also carry a smaller Ipsy bag with a toothbrush/paste, mints, bobby pins, ponytail holders, travel sized dry hair spray, hand sanitizer and Wet Ones. Not exactly exciting products but definitely needed for beauty upkeep or emergencies. And always keep a pair of tweezers on you! There is nothing worse than checking yourself in your rearview mirror and seeing a 2 inch long chin hair. UGH!!!

So that’s the Dark Side edition of “What’s in my makeup bag?”  I’m going on vacation soon, let’s see how much I pack for a 4 day getaway!

I would love to hear what my Dark Side Devotees have in their portable beauty arsenals.  Feel free to share in the comments below!20759449_267510000402768_485000587671240704_n


May Product of the Month

Cover Girl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation


Retails for:  $10

Available at:  WalMart, Target, Walgreen’s, etc.

I haven’t bought a liquid Cover Girl foundation in decades.  But when I saw their new one advertised and read all the (mostly) positive reviews all over social media, I figured I would give it a try. But now did it work out for me?

PROS     Shade 710 Classic Ivory was the perfect shade for me. The bottle says it’s lightweight, full coverage, oil free with a SPF of 20. Seemed too good to be true for a CG foundation.  However….I absolutely, positively loved this! Perfect for my crazy skin type, which present day can be so oily you can see me shine from the Milky Way, or so dry the Sahara looks comfortable to me.  The coverage is flawless.  It stayed fresh looking all day and did not change color or turn orange on me, as some drug store foundations tend to do. It covered all dark spots and other undesirable things that have no business on my face anymore.  I did use a setting powder afterwards, but that is standard procedure with me.  And it worked well with my Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, so it plays well with others!

CONS    I found it best to apply the product with a beauty sponge, as my foundation brushes left it looking streaky on my skin.  A sponge just gave me more control with the product and gave a full coverage, but not “cake face” look.

Cover Girl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation will most certainly have a place in my rotation of both high end and drug store foundations.  The Force is strong with this one!   It’s a steal for $10 and has truly made me reconsider my opinion of the Cover Girl line.

Dark Side Hall of Fame

Having spent almost 5 decades on the Dark Side, I’ve used and tried thousands of skin, hair, and cosmetic products, both high and low end. What do I consider to be my top 10 of all time? Read on, you may be surprised by the range of items I adore!

TRESOR  I’ve been wearing this classic Lancôme fragrance since 1990. It was the second “grown up” perfume that I bought myself (Calvin Klein’s Obsession was the first).  It has notes of rose, apricot, and iris and is simply beautiful.  I’ve been followed around department stores by women wanting to know what my perfume is because I smell so nice!

CLINIQUE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISURIZING LOTION  This has been a skincare staple of mine since 1988.  It’s remarkably simple, nothing fancy.  Everyone recognizes the signature yellow lotion that is lightweight and very effective.  It provides me with all-day hydration while strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier.  I use it twice a day, after cleansing my skin but before any other skincare.  For those of you that need a lighter or heavier product, it now comes in an oil-free gel or a rich cream formula.

LANCÔME DEFINICILS MASCARA  I’ve tried almost every mascara out on the market, but I always come back to the classic from Lancôme.  It gives me loner, fuller, perfectly separated lashes that look like I’m wearing falsies.  It doesn’t smudge or irritate my eyes, and has what I think to be the best wand out there.  And the Deep Black shade is the perfect inky black, dramatic color.

CARMEX CLASSIC LIP BALM  You’re all familiar with the yellow and red tube of lip balm.  You can get it for $1 and I have tubes everywhere – in my purse, on my nightstand, in my car.  It’s medicated, soothes and protects your lips, and  has a SPF of 15.  I started out with the jar and moved to the easier to apply tube.  Best of all, Carmex does not test on animals!

COVER GIRL CLEAN POWDER FOUNDATION  I started using this when it was known as “Simply Powder Foundation”.  CG changed the name and packaging, but not the formulation.  It covers like a liquid but feels like a powder.  I use it on its own or on top of my liquid foundation when I need a heavier coverage.  It stays all day, is convenient to toss in my makeup bag, and costs around $7.

ESTEE LAUDER ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR SYNCHRONIZED RECOVERY COMPLEX II  Otherwise known to Estee Lauder fans simply as ANR, it is the #1 repair serum on the market.  It helps fight the key signs of aging to help reveal a smoother, more radiant, younger-looking face.  I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in dryness, dehydration, wrinkles and dullness.  When I try something less expensive, my face pays for it and the signs show! ANR is oil and fragrance free and will not clog pores.  While it’s best known as a nightly product, I use it twice daily.  All over my face and neck and a trick that an Estee Lauder coworker taught me is to use it on the back of your neck where signs of aging show sooner because of sun damage!

IVORY SOAP   I will never have a shower or bath without this 130 year old classic bar of soap!  It provides a simple, effective clean, is free of dyes and heavy perfumes, and is 99.44% pure. I adore this product and its mild scent.  And it’s still made in the USA!

AUSSIE MOIST 3 MINUTE MIRACLE  Every gal has used Aussie products at least once in her lifetime. The familiar purple bottles and that instantly-recognizable fragrance that takes you back to 8th grade – it was awesome until you got caught in the rain and the smell intensified.   And if your friends had used it too…  Anyways, it hydrates and deep conditions my old, wavy, war-torn hair, making it smooth, soft, shiny, and frizz-free.  I use it a couple times a week as a deep conditioner.  For $3, it’s a steal!

CETAPHIL DAILY CLEANSER  This has been effectively cleansing my face for years.  The mild, non-irritating formula gently removes excess oil.  However, it does not remove makeup, so if you have a full face on you will have to use a makeup remover first.  But sunscreens, dirt, and environmental crud wash away like a dream.

REVLON COLOR SILK PERMANENT HAIR COLOR  This may or may not come as a surprise to some, but the Dark Side Diva has been coloring her hair since she turned gray at 16.  That’s 30+ years of being just about every color in the rainbow (and then some). This formula completely covers my gray roots, is ammonia-fre, long lasting, and doesn’t fry my hair. It’s very easy to use and costs around $3-5 a box, conditioner included.

So that’s my Dark Side Beauty Hall of Fame.  I could have added some red lipstick, cleansing conditioners and facial masks, but that’s for another time.  Stay tuned to see what products end up on the Death Star’s Hall of Shame!