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September Product of the Month


Retails for:  $58 for .84oz

Available at:  www.sephora.com

I’ve been dying to try this luxury foundation, not just because it’s YSL but because I’ve read so many positive reviews.  I have never spent $58 on foundation before, so my hand was literally shaking when I added YSL All Hours to my shopping cart.

PROS:  I chose the lightest shade, BR 10/Cool Porcelain and it is a perfect match. I would say it’s a true porcelain, a fair shade with some pink undertones. It’s a full coverage, matte foundation that in my opinion would be best for normal/combo/oily skin types.  All Hours claims to last for 24 hours, and while I pray I never have to wear it that long, I did get a good 14 hours out of it without having to powder my face. My large pores, fine lines and redness were completely covered. It didn’t oxidize on me, or get funky, cakey or fade.

CONS:  This matte, full coverage foundation is possibly a tad too matte for drier skin types.

YSL All Hours foundation is luxury foundation at its finest!  It honestly looked as good at 10pm as it did at when I applied it at 8am. The All Hours line also includes a primer and concealer that are on my wish list. And I can promise that my hand will not be shaking when I hit “add to cart”.

5 stars give this I do!


August Product of the Month

Dermacol Makeup Cover dermacol

Retails for:  $34.95 for 30g

Available at:  dermacolcosmetics.com

As someone who likes a matte, full-coverage foundation, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative products. When I saw an internet ad for the “World’s Best Foundation” you bet I clicked on it!  Dermacol Makeup Cover claims to be a waterproof, hypoallergenic, SPF 30, extreme full-cover foundation.  It was in my shopping cart within seconds. I purchased the lightest shade, 207.

PROS:  Dermacol says this foundation will cover tattoos, blemishes, birthmarks, dark spots, etc. I only need it to cover large pores, a few fine lines, and discolorations. And boy did it ever! It applies best for me with a damp beauty blender.  A foundation brush left the coverage streaky and uneven.  I did use a very light second coat on my nose and cheeks, where 99% of my problem areas exist. I then used my usual setting powders and sprays and went on my way.  Nearly 8 hours later, my face hadn’t moved!  No redness or oily spots came through and the product didn’t break up on my face.

CONS:  There are some drawbacks.  There are multiple sites (Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Wish, and Amazon) selling knockoff versions. If it says $5, $8 and you think it’s too good to be true, it’s because it is.  Read some reviews on “knockoff Dermacol” and if you still want to put that on your face, best wishes. The real product sells for $34.95 for a 30 gram tube.  Yes, it’s costly but this tube will last quite a while as you only need a tiny bit of product.

There are only 13 shades to choose from, so I’m not very confident about how the shades range. I should have gotten shade 208 rather than 207, but it’s tricky ordering foundation online. The deepest color didn’t look that deep to me, but that’s just my honest opinion.

dermacol faceI ordered my authentic Dermacol from the Dermacol Instagram site.  It took me straight to their web page and ordering was very easy.  I do believe that shades 207 and 208 are back ordered right now and have a 10 day wait.  My order arrived in less than 2 weeks.  I have used this as a full-face foundation, mixed in with lighter coverage foundations, and as a concealer and have been very pleased every time.

Amazing product this is and highly recommend it I do!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

YouTube beauty vloggers and Instagram beauty influencers are a polarizing group. Weekly gossip and drama seem to follow the big ones religiously. This past weekend, drama occurred with Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights. I am not here to pass judgement or comment on the events that occurred. I am simply going to review Jaclyn’s highly-awaited collaboration with Morphe.

The Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette was released with great fanfare. It sold out in under an hour the first two times it was released.  Unfortunately I missed out both times.  However the third time was a charm! After continuously refreshing the site for a solid two minutes, placing my order and waiting patiently in checkout, this beauty was finally mine!

This is my second Morphe palette. I won the 35F in an IG contest in February and was very impressed. Typical palettes run in the low $20 range and arrive in a black plastic holder. The Jacklyn Hill palette consists of 35 shadows in a variety of finishes – mattes, shimmers and frosts, all in a new formula that Jaclyn helped create with Morphe.

morphe.pngDiva’s First Impressions: The colors are absolutely gorgeous and have fantastic names such as “Pukey” (yes, a baby puke brown), “Hunts” (a ketchup-colored yet very wearable red) and “Pool Party” (a beyond gorgeous blue-teal color). I have worn this multiple times and I love it!  While I would not consider the line prestige or high end, the shadows are extremely pigmented, blend like a dream and have very little fall out.

Minor Concerns: This palette comes in a heavy white cardboard holder, not the usual black plastic. A white plastic holder would make the palette look even classier.  However a different holder probably would have increased the price to the low/mid $40 range. Although $38 is a considerable price hike for Morphe, it is still very reasonable for a 35-shadow palette.

I can understand that with the recent scandal, you may not want to purchase the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette. However, there are online rumors that it may not be re-released.  The variety of colors will make this a stand out in your beauty collection. It will instantly become your go-to palette. From casual to dressy and everything in between, Jaclyn has you covered for any look you want to create.  And give it 5 stars I do!

Beauty Destination: the Amazon

Pack your bags DS Devotees, we’re going on a trip! A trip to the Amazon. OK, TBH it’s just Amazon.com but I spend so much time there, it should be considered a destination! It’s a veritable playground of beauty products, gadgets, and gizmos from all over the world.  Just point, click, and a few days later a little box of happiness arrives on your doorstep.

A couple years ago I had no idea what Amazon.com was all about. I thought it was books and electronics. Then my mother surprised me with a gift card and changed my life forever. I started scrolling and surfing and discovered my love of all things gimmicky, pretty, and (if your Korean or foreign beauty) kooky!  My beauty universe just expanded exponentially!

amazon_logo_500500My collection of Amazon.com beauty purchases includes, but is not limited to:

Cat’s Wink Powder Compact

Rose Gold Beauty Blender Holder

12 Piece Taiwanese Lip Pencil Set

24K Rose Gold Facial Serum

Russian Eyebrow Pencil

5 Piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

Red Liquid Lipstick

Jelly Flower Lipstick

Green Color Changing Lipstick

Loose Powder

Red Wine Lip Tint

15-Shade Cream Color Correct, Highlight and Contour Palette

Generic Beauty Blender

Domed-Well Serum Foundation Brush

5 Piece Generic “Artis” Makeup Brush Set

Combo Black Liquid/Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Various Fan, Contour and Foundation Brushes

Korean Beauty Lip Masks and Pore Strips

amazon haul

Of course there are some absolute busts.  The lip masks are a waste of time; a good lip scrub and balm are quicker, easier, and make more sense. The red liquid lipstick is from Turkey and is so thick that it’s uncomfortable to wear. I can never get the color even on my lips. The green color-changing lipstick turns my lips the most horrifying shade of shocking pink. I can’t leave the house wearing it, I just can’t.

There are also some most excellent finds. Not only is the Cat’s Wink compact adorable, the powder actually works for my skin tone. It’s also quite the conversation piece when I pull it from my makeup bag! The Russian eyebrow pencil has become a staple – it’s the perfect shade, a lot of product, a nice surprise! The red wine lip tint smells like wine and leaves a gorgeous red stain on my lips.  The color is so long-lasting that I need an oil based remover to take it off at the end of the day. The unicorn and generic “Artis” brushes work remarkably well and are very easy to wash. Nothing has fallen apart and they apply my makeup perfectly. The 24K serum is not quite a dupe for my Farsali 24K serum but it was $4.68 instead of $56. It makes a very nice makeup primer, leaves my skin with the exact amount of “tackiness” that I’m looking for in a primer. I’ve also used it as the last step in my night time skincare routine.


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The rest are fun, simple pieces. Do I incorporate them into my daily makeup routine? Not all the time, but they are cute pieces that I can reach for when I need to change things up a bit. I consider them souvenirs from my trip to the Amazon. I’ll be sure and send you a postcard from my next beauty expedition!

P.S. Please note that none of the above items cost more than $8. Swear on my Dark Diva Darth heart!

What’s in the DS Diva’s Make Up Bag?

Because of my devotion (AKA obsession) with all things beauty, it’s no surprise that I’ve gotten several requests about what I carry in my makeup bag.   So never one to disappoint my fans, here is your exclusive peek at the ultimate items that I carry with me every day.

Between Ipsy bags, free gift with purchase bags and a couple of high end beauties, I have about 35+ makeup bags in my collection.  I tend to use a medium sized bag because, if I use a larger one I’ll just fill it with unnecessary items that I don’t use on an everyday basis.

Currently in my Clinique makeup bag:


whats in my bag

  1. Carmex lip balm. Chapped lips in any universe are never cool
  2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. An all-purpose, multiuse ointment that I use on my cuticles, crazed eyebrows, flyaway hair and dry skin.
  3. Sample size of fragrance. At the moment it’s CoCo Mademoiselle by Chanel. A lady always carries a classic fragrance in case garlic or a marathon run are involved on a date. Obviously a toothbrush/paste and Altoids are in a separate bag I carry with me.
  4. Cover Girl Clean Powder Foundation. In my Dark Side HOF I explained my love of this item. Broken bottles of foundation can ruin my bags and my day. This powder covers like a liquid but with the ease and convenience of a powder.
  5. Ipsy sized Bahama Mama Bronzer from The Balm. I use this as a bronzer, blush or eyeshadow. The size is a bit strange but it’s convenient and I like having a color product in my bag.
  6. Travel sized Moonstone Highlighter from Becca. It’s a beautiful shade on my fair skin that can also be used on my eyes and lips. Even a Darth wants to shine!
  7. Outlaw Liquid Lipstick from Kat Von D. I will always, always have a red lipstick in my bag. It’s the absolute easiest way to go from a day to night look in seconds.
  8. Champagne Lip gloss from Heroes Beauty. Another HOF product! By itself or layered over any color it’s absolutely perfect.
  9. Clinique or any travel sized free gift with purchase mascara that doesn’t smudge or give me pink eye.
  10. Eyeliner/eyebrow pencil from NYX. I adore combo products that actually do what they say and this one fits the bill. Not too creamy or waxy and it’s long-lasting.
  11. Bare Minerals Powder Brush. It’s the perfect size to apply bronzer, highlighter and powder foundation.

I also carry a smaller Ipsy bag with a toothbrush/paste, mints, bobby pins, ponytail holders, travel sized dry hair spray, hand sanitizer and Wet Ones. Not exactly exciting products but definitely needed for beauty upkeep or emergencies. And always keep a pair of tweezers on you! There is nothing worse than checking yourself in your rearview mirror and seeing a 2 inch long chin hair. UGH!!!

So that’s the Dark Side edition of “What’s in my makeup bag?”  I’m going on vacation soon, let’s see how much I pack for a 4 day getaway!

I would love to hear what my Dark Side Devotees have in their portable beauty arsenals.  Feel free to share in the comments below!20759449_267510000402768_485000587671240704_n