My First Luxury Purchase

At the ripe old age of 13, I decided to confront my mother. I was a teenager now and it was high time I looked like one. I deserved something more than Cover Girl or even worse Artmatic from my local D & K store. I wanted to go to the cosmetics counter at Kaufmann’s, which (at the time) was the Mecca for high-end makeup, jewelry, and fashion here in Beaver County, PA. To my wonderful surprise, my mother said yes! So armed with $25, off to the Rochester Kaufmann’s I went.

No one in the beauty department paid any attention to this newly-teenaged Diva in training.  I freely browsed each counter and gawked at Clinique, Estee Lauder, Adrienne Arpel, Shiseido, Ultima II, Clarins and more.  I picked up products, sniffed them, swatched them to my heart’s content for what seemed like an entire day. So what did I chose?

shiseidoAfter much contemplation, I finally decided on a beautiful lipstick from Shiseido called Bermuda Bronze. It was the most-perfect combination of bronze, nude and gold. I was so proud making this purchase, getting my very own Kaufmann’s bag. And when I got it home, I wore it constantly with blue Maybelline eyeshadow and lilac Cover Girl blush. I felt at least 16 years old when I wore my Shiseido lipstick. For the first time I truly understood the power of makeup, which still has me under its spell 3+ decades later. Funny enough, Bermuda Bronze has been my one and only Shiseido product, but I feel a trip to Sephora can easily rectify this!

P.S.  My second luxury product was a bottle full of liquid green color corrector from Ultima II. It made my face so shiny and oily it was horrifying. And it didn’t cover a stitch of redness. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of working with the Beauty Advisor who sold me this product. Although in her 70’s, she still had gorgeous skin and remembered that exact product I had bought. This seasoned pro will never forget that feeling of purchasing a luxury brand for the first time. Again, the power of makeup!july 17