DS Quickie!

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip

Sephora holiday collections are highly anticipated and tend to sell out in stores rather quickly. They really outdid themselves with this one! Here are some fast facts about this beautiful lip wardrobe.

sephora lip

Limited Edition, Mega Lip Set

15 lipsticks, glosses and creams

5 full size and 10 deluxe sizes

Well-known brands such as: ABH, Too Faced, Bobbi Brown, Dior, YSL, Sephora, Tarte, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and Marc Jacobs

Up & Coming Superstars such as: Huda Beauty, Touch In Sol, Hourglass and Wander Beauty

$254 value for $68

Colors range from berries, reds, mauves and nudes

Wearable colors and formulas for everyone and every style

Excellent gift idea for the Diva on your list. There is a shade for you, your mother, grandmother, daughter, niece, friend, you name it. Age appropriate for teens on up.

My only wish is that the set included a lip liner or two that would coordinate with the colors. But that probably would have jacked up the price another $20. I’ll survive using what I already have in my beauty collection!

The Dark Side Diva recommends this set 100%! Let me know if you get it and if you’re able to part with any of them. I’ll let you know if I did!


Dark Side Hall of Shame: High-End Edition

This is a painful post for me to write.  I have to admit that there are certain high-end and drug store beauty products that were complete fails for me.  Please don’t think I’m crazy!  I gave these products a great try, but to no avail.  So today, I focus on the high-end beauties that get a thumbs-down from the diva.  In no unfortunate order they are:

Happy fragrance by Clinique:  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a beauty advisor for Clinique and we were expected to wear Happy.  Every.  Damn.  Day.  I can still remember the top notes without looking them up:  red grapefruit, boysenberry, bergamot, and mimosa.  A migraine-inducing, citrus exploding scent of horrendous proportions.  When combined with my body chemistry, it turned completely rancid.  To this day I can still smell this perfume from a mile away.  And I most certainly am not “Happy” about it!

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Cream:  Not so long ago, I was also a beauty advisor for Lauder.  Therefore, I was a test subject for this anti-aging, collagen-boosting cream.  It not only failed to live up to those claims, it also clogged my pores and turned my face into a shiny, greasy mess.  Imagine your face covered in frosting mixed with baby oil.  That’s exactly how I felt, even without makeup on.  A “Supreme” fail to say the least.

Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte:  Messy, clumping, and disgusting.  And that’s just the wand.  I had such hopes for this mascara, as it has quite a cult following.  It claims to lengthen, curl, add volume, and condition. All it did for me was run, smudge, and make a tremendous mess.  My lashes never looked any different at all.  In full disclosure, I have not tried the waterproof version. And in all honesty, I never will.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation:  I absolutely love Josie’s line. Well, 99% of it.  This foundation is the 1% that does not work for me.  It claims to be a lightweight, medium to full coverage product.  I used the lightest shade called Dynamic and it just wasn’t fair enough for my skin tone.  I could never even get it to a medium coverage and it was so oily on me.  That surprised me because I can use all her other Argan Oil products without any problems. I will continue to use her line because the products are cruelty free, made of all organic ingredients, and are made in recyclable containers. I truly wish this foundation would have worked for me!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer:  I’m probably going to get grief over this one, but I absolutely despise this primer.  It claims to be lightweight and blur pores. Unfortunately it did the opposite on me.  It made my pores embarrassingly exaggerated no matter what foundation I used or how much of the product I used.  With or without makeup on, using this primer makes my face look atrocious.  And for $36 a tube, that’s a major disappointment.

Unfortunately, these high end beauty bombs will never see the dark side of my vanity. They had a fighting chance, but as with all things beauty, brand name and price sometimes cannot save a product.

Check out my next post where I discuss the 5 drug store products that caused me major grief!