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Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip

Sephora holiday collections are highly anticipated and tend to sell out in stores rather quickly. They really outdid themselves with this one! Here are some fast facts about this beautiful lip wardrobe.

sephora lip

Limited Edition, Mega Lip Set

15 lipsticks, glosses and creams

5 full size and 10 deluxe sizes

Well-known brands such as: ABH, Too Faced, Bobbi Brown, Dior, YSL, Sephora, Tarte, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and Marc Jacobs

Up & Coming Superstars such as: Huda Beauty, Touch In Sol, Hourglass and Wander Beauty

$254 value for $68

Colors range from berries, reds, mauves and nudes

Wearable colors and formulas for everyone and every style

Excellent gift idea for the Diva on your list. There is a shade for you, your mother, grandmother, daughter, niece, friend, you name it. Age appropriate for teens on up.

My only wish is that the set included a lip liner or two that would coordinate with the colors. But that probably would have jacked up the price another $20. I’ll survive using what I already have in my beauty collection!

The Dark Side Diva recommends this set 100%! Let me know if you get it and if you’re able to part with any of them. I’ll let you know if I did!


Beauty Q & A

LeslieLeslie’s most pressing beauty issue is her wrinkly eyes!

Oh no! Unfortunately, our eyes are one of the first places we start to see fine lines and wrinkles. And if you are a squinter such as I am, beware! But it’s never too late to use the Force.

There are so many good quality eye creams and gels on the market right now. I’m partial to Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye serum, but the Salma Hayek Nuance Firming Eye Balm is fantastic and you can find it at CVS. It’s a bit on the thick side, so use it sparingly. But it is so incredibly luxurious you will think you’re using a La Mer product. Only you’re saving hundreds of dollars. Eye products should be used twice a day. Be sure you purchase products that are safe to use on your eyelids. And apply with your ring finger. It sounds silly, but it’s the most gentle of fingers to use and we want gentleness around our peepers. It also helps to use an eye primer before applying eye shadow, but after eye cream.  This will help hide the look of wrinkles and help keep your eye shadows in place longer. Urban Decay and the $2 ELF primer are favorites of mine. Remember that it took years to earn those wrinkly eyes, so it’s not going to be an overnight fix.

Thanks for your question Leslie.  Looking at you kid here is!



Beauty Q & A

CamiCami would like to know how long her makeup should last or should she expect to touch up her gorgeous face throughout the day?

Quite honestly, I check my face and touch up my make up several times a day. You can call me vain or paranoid, but factors like weather conditions, the type of skincare and cosmetics you use that day, and unexpected personal issues will play a part in how well your face stays put. Oil-free moisturizers, primers, long-wearing matte foundations and lipsticks, along with a makeup setting spray all help me out tremendously. p263504-av-01-LheroUrban Decay’s All Nighter makeup setting spray is like having an invisible force field on your face. If you have oily or combination skin, I suggest carrying a powder compact or oil blotting papers with you. They take away the shine but leave your makeup intact. I’ve been using and loving LipSense lip products lately.  Apply it on properly and you can eat, drink, talk, and kiss all day and the color doesn’t budge! See my previous post for a more detailed look at my LipSense experience.

THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted a beauty question to the Dark Side Diva.  Keep sending your comments, complaints, criticisms, and conundrums — the beauty universe is infinite and a long way to go we have!6727172