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JDJennifer asked:  What is the proper way to contour your face?

Much to learn, you still have!  A couple of years ago I would have said that this was an unnecessary step, but now I see the major difference it has made on my own face. It all depends on your face shape. This chart is one that I have referenced for years now. I absolutely must contour the sides of my wide nose, my huge forehead (lovingly referred to as my “fivehead”) and underneath my very round cheeks.  Contouring is meant to create a shadow to diminish problem areas, where as highlighting brings areas into prominence. contour (1)

Is it a necessary step?  Not really, unless those areas cause you stress.  I’m partial to two products right now, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and the Wet n Wild Dulce De Leche Duo.  Both are cult classics, and all you need is a good contouring brush.  With a little bit of practice and good blending you’ll eventually get the hang of it!  And you’ll see what a world of difference it makes!  IMG_3021


Thank you Jennifer for submitting your question, may the force be with you!



Dark Side Hall of Shame: Drug Store Edition

In my last blog post, I wrote about 5 high-end beauty products that were busts for me.  Now here are my drug store duds.  Again, no particular order:

Hard Candy Just Glow Baked Illuminating Powder Duo:   A long name for garbage.  I could use the entirety of this duo and nothing would show up on my face.  It didn’t matter what type of makeup brush I used.  No illumination, no glow, nothing.  I know I have a very fair skin tone, but I should have seen something.  Absolutely no pigmentation what so ever.  Had I done my due diligence and checked their website, I would have seen a rating of 1.7 out of 5.  Enough said!

Wet n Wild Setting Spray:  Wow, a $4 dupe to the Urban Decay formula!! I might as well have used a toxic bug spray on my face.  Sticky, disgusting smell, uneven application, actually took my breath away. A nope, never again, not in a million years product!

LA Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick:  Sometimes you get what you paid for.  And at only $2, this is definitely the case.  These are horribly dreadful, drying, peeling, cracking and offer uneven coverage.  The darker colors are just putrid looking. However, their high shine lip glosses are beautiful and I recommend picking up every color you see!

Almay Black Liquid Eyeliner:  I have never been impressed with the Almay line.  It’s just never jumped out at me, nothing special or unique about the brand.  I decided to try the liquid eyeliner and immediately regretted it.  Horrible brush, runny color and takes forever to dry.  Blink and you’ll mess up your entire eye look,  trust me.   And if you’re as unlucky as I am, you’ll get a terrible case of conjunctivitis as a bonus.  No coupons needed!

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad:  Chalky, creased on me, color changed throughout the day.  I never ended the day with the same colors that I started with.  I had the quad called “Decadent”, pinky, nude, mauve  shades.  A lot of fallout, hard to blend.  A disappointment of “Decadent” proportions.

Thankfully, I have had many more passes than fails in my lifetime of beauty products.  I will give any and all a chance, but sometimes things just don’t work out.  Have you had any bad luck with products?  Or a major beauty fail?  What products would be on your Hall of Shame?  Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Can three budget-friendly products that claim to make your face “selfie-ready” really work?  This Dark Side Diva decided to put the new Photo Focus line from Wet n Wild to the test.

The products, which are now a permanent fixture in the WnW line, consist of a foundation, concealer, and pressed powder.  They are made with a matte, light-diffusing complex which prevents that horrible white cast in our photos.

The foundation comes in 20 shades and retails for $6. I chose the second lightest shade, Shell Ivory, because I cannot find the lightest shade, Porcelain, anywhere.  I do really need the lightest shade, as the Shell Ivory is a tad too pink for my skin tone. I can work with it, but would be a better summer color for me.  The foundation offers medium coverage, but you are able to build on it.  It comes with a paddle applicator, which I loved.  But it worked best for me when I applied a primer first and then used a beauty blender to buff it onto my face.   This foundation made my skin look radiant and shine-free and was very comfortable to wear.

The Photo Focus concealer comes in 6 shades and retails for $4.  I was able to find and use the lightest shade, Light Ivory. This concealer is nearly as good as my Nars product, it’s just a little thicker and needs more blending.  It provides fantastic coverage under my eyes and any other problem areas that need a little extra coverage.  It can also be used to highlight and contour your face if you use the correct colors.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus pressed powder comes in 8 shades and retails for $5.  I used the lightest shade, Warm Light.  It set my face perfectly, isn’t cakey, reduces shine and provides a silky looking finish.

I am very impressed with these three products!  With all the high end goodies out there, it would be easy to ignore this line.  But a very big mistake you would make.  There are plenty of shades to choose from and they can be found at major retailers like WalMart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. for a whopping $15 for all three products (or less with in-store coupons and buy one get one 50% off promos).  So whether you want to up your selfie game or just look better for work, Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus line is definitely worth a try.

Water Water Everywhere

The fairly new kid on the block in the skin cleansing family is micellar water. By now you’ve probably seen them in every major women’s magazine, on drugstore shelves, and at the department store beauty counter. Without getting too technical, micelle molecules cluster together to make an all-in-one facial cleanser. It looks and feels like water, yet it gently removes waterproof and long-wearing face, lip, and eye makeup. They are safe for sensitive skin and, best of all, no rinsing is needed.
I decided to try a prestige brand and two drug store brands. I used these products as the first step in my cleansing routine as makeup remover with cotton pads.
First up was Lancome’s Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Water. It retails for $39 and, if you’re the type that adores beautiful bottles sitting on your vanity, you’ll love this! It has a light, pleasing scent, is oil-free and non irritating. It removed about 95% of my makeup, as it did not remove all my waterproof mascara. But my face was soft, smooth and not red. A definite win for me.
When I finished the bottle of Lancome, I decided to try what is probably the most familiar brand out there, Garnier’s All in One Micellar Cleansing Water. This product retails for $8.99 and compares surprisingly well with the Lancome. It is unscented, oil-free and non-irritating. It completely removed all my makeup, waterproof mascara included! Garnier also has mattifying and waterproof versions and recently have introduced travel sizes and towelettes to the line. Another win!
The third contestant in my micellar water challenge is from Wet n Wild, which retails for $4.99. All I can say is that this product is a complete disaster. It burned and irritated my eyes so badly and dried out my lips terribly. I wanted to give it a fair shake, so I used it again. Same horrible reactions. Unfortunately this is a never, ever again product for me.
Both the Lancome and Garnier Micellar Waters are wonderful products that work well but the Garnier wins this battle. With a beauty budget-friendly price and the power to vaporize waterproof mascara with a simple swipe, this product will remain in my arsenal on the Dark Side.

Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlighter and Contour – Worth the Hype?

Portable cushion compacts are a staple in almost every girl’s well-stocked makeup arsenal. In the last couple years both high-end and drug store brands have either a cushion foundation, BB cream, color corrector or bronzer to choose from.  As I stated in my first post, Wet n Wild has really stepped up their cosmetics game. And since I have heard so many good things about their Mega Cushion line, I knew I had to try a few products. So off to my local Walgreens I went.

First up is the Mega Cushion Highlighter, which retails for $5.99. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as my skin tone would be considered porcelain with pink undertones. This highlighter creates a beautiful, iridescent lavender color on me. Very dewy and pretty and easy to apply with the sponge (included).  However, I feel it’s best applied with a stipple brush. It was less messy and easier to build up the amount of product to get the look I wanted. The Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlighter is a steal for the price, as it can be used on cheekbones, brow bones and even your bottom lip.

As impressive as the highlighter was, I wish I could say the same about the Mega Cushion Cafe au Slay contour, which also retails for $5.99. I was so excited to try this as a new way to sculpt my face. However, the color of this contour was so dark and reddish orange on me it looked like I had mud all over my face. The first time I looked at myself in sunlight, I wanted to faint. My skin tone is far too light to use this product. Even with the lightest of touch with the sponge or a contour brush, I looked bruised.  This contour did not want to play nicely with my pink undertones.

Unfortunately for me, I will pass the Cafe au Slay contour on to my beautiful olive-skinned 16 year old niece. But the highlighter is staying in my makeup bag, safely on the Dark Side!