Beauty Q & A


Laugh it up fuzzball!

Janet is having issues with her disagreeable eyebrows.

I know exactly what she’s going through!  The only thing that helped me from looking like a Wookie was having my brows professionally shaped.  Almost every hair salon has a stylist that can do this and they will know exactly what shape is best for your face.  It’s the best extra money you can spend on yourself.  Keep in mind that you must regularly keep up with the maintenance, aka tweezin’. 2232066 Check that brow bone daily for any stray hairs.  Starting with the proper brow shape makes filling in any sparse areas or gray hairs so much easier. A light touch is best and I swear by brow pencils from IT

ybf (1)

YBF brow pencil

Cosmetics, Benefit, YBF (found on HSN and a wonderful, fun line) and the brow kit from Milani.

Thank you for trusting me with your beauty conundrum, you have now officially crossed over to the Dark Side!